Five Things You Must Know About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment can take a significant toll on both physical and mental health. However, sexual harassment victims should not be afraid to pursue legal action against the harasser. Not taking any legal action against the harasser will encourage them to perform the misdeed again. It would also be helpful if […]

Worker safety and weather: when are they at risk?

It can be a perilous time of year for those of us who work outside. According to, Pennsylvania’s typical low temperatures in December and January range from 12 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Frostbite can develop in less than 30 minutes at -16.6°F, according to the Mayo Clinic, and temperatures […]

Divorce, and how might mediation be of assistance?

This manual explains the divorce process, how to proceed, and the advantages of mediation. Clients frequently underestimate the complexities of divorce. The law can be complex, and the legal process can be time-consuming, costly, and unpleasant. You and your husband may be able to engage in a divorce process that […]

These are, according to experts, the top 10 reasons why marriages end in divorce.

Several variables may influence a couple’s choice to end their relationship, but the majority of failed marriages may be attributed to a small number of fundamental problems. The 10 characteristics mentioned below, which are frequently cited by both specialists in the field and couples themselves, are typically recognised as the […]