Background Checks-Helping to Foster a Safer and Productive Work Environment


In a world where people are desperately looking for jobs, employers are prone to making poor choices if proper measures are not implemented. 

More and more people continue to doctor their resumes mostly around their skills, experience, education, and past achievements to increase their chances of getting hired. This trend has made the task of hiring honest, qualified individuals a daunting one.  

However, a rigorous live scan background check will help you identify individuals who are professionally, ethnically, or temperamentally unsuitable for your organization. This is vital for safeguarding your organization’s reputation, assets and creating a more secure work environment.

What is Background Check?

A background check is a process an organization or individual uses to verify that someone is who they say they are. Most employers use fingerprint background checks during their pre-employment screening exercise. 

In most cases, background check results uncover the following areas: 

  • Identity Verification: find out if an individual has provided correct personal information like name, social security number, citizenship status, and work permit.  
  • Criminal History: confirms if someone has been arrested before or convicted of a crime. Find out if an applicant has outstanding warrants or is on probation. A background check also indicates If an applicant is on a government watchlist or a sex offender registry. 
  • Employment History: see what organizations an applicant has worked with and compare the background check results with the candidate’s resume. 
  • Education Background: verify the institutions, degrees, and certifications that a candidate claims to have in their resume. 
  • Government-issued License:  if it is a position that requires a government-issued license, a background check will help you confirm if an applicant has the requisite licensing (i.e., medical License, teaching credential, or a CPA license).
  • Driving Records: fingerprint background check uncovers an individual’s previous involvements in accidents or violations of road safety measures. This is important, particularly if you are hiring for a driving role.
  • Credit Check: find out if a candidate is financially responsible. This is necessary, especially if they will be in charge of the company’s funds or have access to financial instruments like the company’s credit cards. 
  • Drug and Alcohol Tests: Many applicants have gotten job offers upon passing a drug or alcohol test through a background check.

Why Conduct Background Checks?  

There are a good number of reasons why you may consider running background checks as part of your hiring process: 

  • Safety of Work Environment

As an employer, ensuring that your employees, customers, and visitors stay safe and confident within your facility should be of utmost importance to you. 

For example, if you hire an individual who hurts another employer, you may face serious allegations bordering on negligent hiring if you didn’t look for any past indications to suggest violent behavior. You may even end up spending more on treating the victim or battling unnecessary lawsuits than you would have spent on pre-employment background checks for job applicants. 

Getting acquainted with your prospective employees’ criminal History will enable you to spot individuals who may be prone to violence or unethical practice. Little wonder, many employers ensure that a candidate’s CA DOJ background check status is first cleared before they are hired. 

  • Verification of Employment Qualification

Don’t assume that job applicants cannot exaggerate their qualifications or job experience. Neither should you just be carried away by their visually appealing resumes. You need to be sure to avoid hiring people that are detrimental to your company’s image, growth, and cohesion. You can verify their credentials via a stringent background check. 

  • Reduction in Company’s Liability 

You can significantly reduce insurance costs and prevent costly lawsuits by only employing individuals who have been screened and cleared through pre-employment background checks.

  • Achieving Maximum Productivity

Running a stringent background check helps you identify individuals armed with the skill, experience, and character required to hit your business targets.  Proper background screenings will help sort out solid minds and hands that will, in turn, maintain or improve your company growth, quality of service, team morale, or customer and employee relationships. 


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