Do Slip and Fall Cases Have a Hard Time Winning?


Yes, it might be challenging to win a slip-and-fall lawsuit. If you are the victim, it is your responsibility to show that those in charge of the area where you fell were also at fault. This might not appear challenging at first. However, the defence has a number of strategies at its disposal to challenge and attempt to disprove your assertion. This is why it’s crucial to have a Tacoma personal injury lawyer on your side who focuses on these matters.

Read on to find out more if you’ve fallen on someone else’s property and are unsure whether you can file a lawsuit.

Recognising Fall and Slip Cases

According to the CDC, millions of people in the US receive fall-related treatment each year in hospitals and emergency departments. Premises responsibility applies when someone else’s negligence causes a fall.

In a nutshell, premises responsibility refers to the duty of property owners to maintain a safe environment for visitors. To address dangers, property owners should act reasonably and quickly. Additionally, they must perform regular upkeep and inspections.

What an Accused Must Show

To succeed as a victim, you must demonstrate a few crucial points. Remember that it is your responsibility to illustrate each of these elements. You or your attorney must assemble relevant documentation, testimonials, and other facts to substantiate your claim.

  • Violation of duty. Simply put, this indicates that the landowner is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure your safety while on their property. And they fell short in that regard. A store owner should, for instance, promptly fix any damaged walkways or, at the very least, alert consumers by posting signs or barricades.
  • Cause. You must provide evidence that your slip, trip, or fall resulted from the property owner’s negligence rather than your carelessness.
  • Damages. Did you sustain severe injuries from the fall? You might have ended up in the hospital, required surgery, and needed time off work to heal. All of these are illustrations of damages. On the other hand, you probably wouldn’t have a case if you merely got a few cuts and bruises and didn’t need any medical attention.

If you successfully establish the defendant’s negligence, they will be liable for your damages financially.

You should always assume that the defence will employ a variety of strategies to limit their exposure to responsibility. It’s essential to have an accomplished lawyer on your side as a result.

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