Separating from your partner is a significant step. When you are making this decision, you would require legal assistance about a family law matter. Simple Divorce, your family lawyer will be there to help you out. They will assist you with all legal matters about divorce. When you are separating from your partner, some manythings have to be settled, like the division of property and child support. The lawyers will help you through the process. Following are some of the cases where a divorce lawyer can help you.

Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is an inexpensive way to end the marriage without the traditional downsides associated with litigation. It is the least frustrating way to end your marriage. This type of divorce doesn’t involve any disputes and arguments which need to be settled in court. The couple who are seeking this type of divorce will simply agree to the terms of the divorce without going through the legal process. If opting for an uncontested divorce, you could appoint a mediator or an arbitrator by your side to settle the divorce. This type of divorce settlement helps to save time and money. The hostility during an uncontested divorce is lesser than a contested one.

Contested Divorce

To obtain a contested divorce criteria need to be met, like being separated for one year. A contested divorce happens when the couple doesn’t agree on issues about the divorces. These issues include division of property and debt, custody of children and payment of child and spousal support. When there is disagreement the case could end up in court. As the case would go to litigation, it will be expensive. It will cost you money and time. Before the divorce can be finalized there is a waiting period.

Separation Agreement

It is an agreement that a separating couple draws to help define the rights and obligations when breaking up. The separation agreement dictates how the assets and responsibilities will be divided between them. It will also include the parenting and support agreements. The agreement can consist of the steps that need to be taken by each spouse. A separation agreement is chosen by those couples who want to go their own ways but don’t want to go through the divorce proceedings. However, the partner can challenge the separation agreement during the divorce process. You must have a lawyer review it before you sign it.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

A Foreign Divorce Opinion letter is required when a person is looking to get married in Canada, but the spouse or the person has been divorced outside Canada. This letter is drawn up to validate the foreign divorce. The divorce which took place in another jurisdiction is now recognized in Canada. The Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter is considered as an authorization issued by the Minister of Government Services. This will help to prove that the divorce is valid before the Canadian marriage license can be issued.

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