How Disability Attorney Handles Social Security Claim?


Usually, an attorney related to Social Security disability and any law firms manage such cases differently, but also there are few similarities among every disability firms regarding how lawyers can develop and manage various cases to prepare for disability hearing.

What will happen as you call any disability attorney?

As you first contact social security disability attorney in Los Angeles for representation, then either he or any staff member may interview you to gather all basic facts about the case. All these facts are for determining if attorney can take up your case.

Most staff members are well trained to spot those cases that have more chances of success. However, for any borderline case, attorney will usually review your file to decide about whether he can represent you.

If your case is too weak and no chance of appealing then attorney may decline to represent your case.

How will your attorney develop your medical evidence?

First your attorney will get all medical records and submit all of them to Social Security Administration in appropriate time before the hearing.

While hiring attorney you will sign medical privacy release which will allow attorney to access all your medical records.

Attorney will review all the medical records and determine if you need any additional testing. He may also consult few doctors too.

Attorney will also decide the doctors and get relevant medical records and submit to administrative law judge.

How will your attorney help you to get ready for your hearing?

Most attorney will discuss with you and you too can discuss your issue. Following are few questions that your attorney may review with you:

  • What are your symptoms?
  • Currently are you visiting doctor for disability?
  • Are you anxious or depressed?
  • When you first become very sick at work?
  • Are you doing any work at present?
  • What treatments tried by you?
  • What medications are you taking and any side effects?
  • Do you feel better with medication?
  • Ever taken overdose of your pain medication?
  • Are you alcoholic or drug addict?
  • Are you seeking any help for your addiction?
  • Ever been incarcerated?
  • Any health insurance you have
  • How you spend your day?
  • Can you walk minimum a block?
  • Are you able to lift one gallon of milk?
  • Are you able to climb flight of stairs?
  • Can you get along well with others?
  • How much schooling have you done?
  • Can you properly read and write?

You need to answer all questions of your attorney honestly even if they are embarrassing.

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