Important Points About Criminal Lawyers in Atlanta


A criminal conviction is a serious matter that can tarnish your reputation and cause long-lasting problems. This is why you should hire an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney to help you through this difficult time.

You want a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the court system and knows which arguments are likely to work best for your case. You also want to know how comfortable your attorney is with trial.

1. Knowledge of the Law

A good criminal lawyer will have extensive knowledge of the law and a deep understanding of how the state and local court system works. This is an advantage over a public defender who may not be as familiar with the rules and regulations of your jurisdiction.

Moreover, the right legal professional will know how to evaluate your case for any available weaknesses that could lead to lesser charges. This includes identifying any evidence that was obtained illegally and filing motions to suppress any unnecessary or improperly collected evidence.

Having a criminal defense attorney by your side is essential if you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges in the state of Georgia. A well-practiced lawyer will help you protect your rights from the moment of an accusation, through to a possible conviction and even life-long consequences like being placed on the federal sex offender registry. They can also help you navigate any pre-trial diversion programs that you might be eligible for.

2. Experience

The Constitution of Georgia guarantees the right to counsel for any person charged with a criminal offense. An experienced Atlanta criminal lawyer knows the legal provisions at both the local and state level and how to protect your rights and freedom.

Experienced criminal attorneys regularly deal with felonies like sex crimes, murder and drug charges as well as misdemeanors including DUIs and traffic violations in Georgia courthouses. They also handle federal cases in the Atlanta Division and the other divisions of the Northern District of Georgia.

A criminal defense attorney who has been on the other side of a case is more equipped to understand the prosecutors’ position and negotiate a fair deal for their client. He or she can offer an objective view of the case and the likelihood of success. Having someone with this type of expertise by your side can reduce the stress and anxiety of the situation and help you make more informed decisions about what is best for your case.

3. Personal Representation

When facing criminal accusations, whether it be a misdemeanor or felony, people need to act quickly to hire a criminal attorney. This will open the door to knowledge, reassurance and protection in an unfair, difficult time.

Atlanta Criminal Lawyers know how to handle each case and each client with sensitivity and compassion. The attorneys realize that a person’s emotions are running high when they are accused of a crime and that they can be vulnerable to pressure from prosecutors to accept plea deals.

As long as the crime in question is not a violent one, criminal lawyers will work diligently to have it dismissed and the record expunged once the client has served their time. They also will help their clients to deal with the emotional aftermath by providing counseling or other support services. Personalized representation can even include helping the client to get mental health or substance abuse treatment to turn their lives around.

4. Confidentiality

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, no matter the severity, it is a frightening time. An experienced criminal lawyer can provide guidance, reassurance and protection in an often unjust and difficult situation.

A criminal attorney will also help with emotional support as they understand how a case can affect one’s family, friendships and employment. They will explain the legal process, answer any questions and concerns and give a realistic perspective on possible outcomes to their client.

It is important to note that any information you discuss with your attorney is confidential and cannot be disclosed to a third party without your consent. This applies to discussions held in person or over the phone. Many attorneys work with their clients in jail or prison and a client has the right to request that they speak privately in a room where guards or other prisoners will not be overheard. This is known as client-attorney privilege. This confidentiality also applies to any communications with your criminal lawyer prior to your arraignment.

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