Legal Grounds According to Virginia Divorce Law


The filing spouse has to give a specific reason for their divorce in the application form. Fault reasons differ from one state to another but the common ones are alcohol/drug addiction, desertion, or adultery. If there is no fault then every state allows no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences or incompatibility. Several states allow divorce on the grounds of separation for a specific time.

What are legal grounds according to Virginia divorce law?

In Virginia, if the married couple fulfills separation requirements then they can choose no-fault divorce process. If one is guilty then the other can ask for divorce on fault grounds or marital misconduct. Divorce on fault grounds are complex, so it is sensible to consult the best Yorktown divorce lawyers. Call Debingh Law Center and fix an appointment to clarify your divorce process.

No-fault divorce

Couples who desire to end their relationship in a civil way opt for no-fault process. However, they need to prove their separation for a specific period and also need to have a valid separation agreement. However, if there are kids [under 18 years] are involved then the separation period is for a minimum of 1 year and if there are no minor kids judge reduces living apart time frame to 6 months.

A separation agreement does not need a trial to get a settlement. Both agree and draft a separation agreement, where all the divorce-related issues like marital property, marital debts, spousal support, etc. get negotiated. Both agree to the terms and this makes the legal process less expensive and combative.

Fault divorce

Many couples don’t care about the legal process, where they embarrass their spouse. The filing spouse wants to blame the guilty party, so fault divorce is their option. In Virginia courts, there is no waiting period like in no-fault divorce but when the judge identifies that marital misconduct is fabricated to get a quick divorce they dismiss your case.

The acceptable fault grounds in Virginia divorce laws are –

  • Adultery, buggery, or solomy
  • Felony conviction
  • Cruelty
  • Willful abandonment or desertion

Ultimately, establishing valid reasons for Virginia divorce proceedings needs help from one of the best Newport News divorce attorneys. You can navigate it smoothly with the support and guidance of an experienced lawyer specializing in divorce laws.

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