Why You Need a Criminal Attorney


Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor offense or a felony violation of probation, you need a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer immediately. The cost of the lawyer will vary depending on the type of crime alleged and other factors.

A top rated West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney should have experience in federal court, state court and have the right mix of tenacity, courtroom skill and personality to be successful. Consider this information before hiring a lawyer.

White Collar Crimes

Despite the stereotype of wealthy business executives puffing away on cigars in fancy office suites, white collar crimes can take a variety of forms. Examples include forgery, computer fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, telemarketing fraud, healthcare fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. These nonviolent offenses are investigated at both the state and federal level and can lead to prison time, fines and restitution to victims.

A West Palm Beach felony defense attorney could defend you against such charges by challenging the evidence and identifying any weaknesses, flaws or inconsistencies. Unlike misdemeanor cases, which may be resolved in weeks or months, felony charges can last for several months to years. A headstrong lawyer could help you avoid jail and minimize the consequences of a conviction. A felony conviction can also trigger Florida’s three strikes law, which could result in longer prison sentences and steeper fines.

Federal Crimes

When a federal crime is involved, you need the legal help of a West Palm Beach criminal attorneys who can effectively defend your rights and freedom. The federal government prosecutes cases that violate the United States Code. Locally, these cases are heard at the Paul G. Rogers Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in West Palm Beach and at other federal courts throughout Florida.

A criminal defense lawyer can protect your interests by verifying the accuracy of evidence, examining police procedure, and identifying any weaknesses, flaws, or inconsistencies that could be used to your advantage. A tenacious criminal defense attorney can also assist with sealing and expunging past convictions. A criminal conviction can damage your reputation, impact your career and even affect your status as a U.S. citizen or immigrant.

Drug Charges

Felony charges are serious and should be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. A criminal lawyer who has experience in both state and federal court systems will be able to help clients navigate both courts with ease.

In Florida, there are two types of drug possession offenses-actual and constructive. Actual possession relates to police finding a controlled substance on your person, while constructive possession refers to the ability to exercise dominion and control over the drugs in question.

Trafficking in drug charges carry severe penalties that can result in significant jail sentences and high fines. A seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you avoid these harsh punishments by challenging the evidence. The defense team will also challenge any searches and seizures made by police.

Sex Offenses

A sexual assault charge has the potential to sully a person’s reputation, damage personal relationships and ruin professional goals. A conviction also carries severe penalties that include jail time, fines and mandatory sex offender registration in Florida.

These serious charges call for a skilled criminal defense lawyer. A West Palm Beach sex crimes lawyer can analyze all aspects of your case to build a solid defense strategy. Common strategies include lack of evidence, false accusations and arguing that the consent involved in the assault was intelligent, knowing and voluntary.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, it’s important to act quickly. Contact a sex crimes attorney right away to start working on your case. Getting your defense started early gives you the best chance of success.


Felony convictions for property crimes like burglary, theft and fraud have serious consequences. A felony criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach can often reduce or even dismiss these charges.

A criminal case that results in a guilty verdict will most likely lead to repercussions that impact all aspects of your life, from finding work to obtaining housing and getting insurance coverage. You have a right to effective assistance of counsel, and your lawyer must be competent and knowledgeable about the laws that apply to your case.

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, filing an appeal is a crucial step to get the decision overturned. A skilled West Palm Beach appeals lawyer can help you through this complex process. This is a highly specialized area of law and requires a thorough understanding of the legal system.

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