Law is an intensive field. Even within one area of law practice, there are various other areas of practice. When looking for a criminal lawyer, it is essential to reach out to ROSS LUTZ BARRISTERS. Their years of experience and knowledge in the field will help you have the good defence you deserve. Having the right legal representation can make all the difference to your case. Following are some of the areas of criminal law that they practice in.

Animal Cruelty

When facing charges of animal cruelty, you need someone who has experience in handling this specific type of case. In such a case, the lawyers will review the situation of your case. Based on that, they will pursue your case with a strategic defence. This will help to reduce the chances of paying a hefty fine or even sentencing.


Homicide is considered to be a serious criminal offence. If found guilty, you might have to serve a long jail time. All of this can be avoided when you have the right legal representation. Often, the murder charges are not dismissed or acquitted. Having a strong defence being put up by your lawyer can bring down the intensity of the sentence. It also works to minimize the damage the sentencing can do to you. The lawyers at Ross Lutz Barristers will be with you through the process and fight for your rights.

Youth Offence

When your child has been accused of a crime, one is overtaken by a wave of emotions. You worry about the future and safety of the child and also want to protect them. When it comes to youth offences, the legislation in place differs from adult offences. You need strong legal representation that has the necessary experience and knowledge. The kind of lawyer you will hire will impact your and your child’s life. There are experienced youth offence lawyers, who will defend your child when facing serious consequences.

Bail Hearing

Bails might seem like a common thing to deal with. We often don’t understand is that these cases need to be handled in a correct manner and with care. It is what will prevent you or your loved one from remaining in jail till the trial begins. The lawyer should have the necessary skills to handle this. One of the basic skills is that of negotiations. Often bail has to be negotiated. At this time, you need a lawyer that you can rely upon as it can be a very stressful period.

 Fraud and Theft 

White-collar cases are also serious. They can impact your freedom and reputation. When you have been accused of fraud or theft, there are chances that you might lose your freedom. Heavy fines and lengthy sentences are also given in such cases. The best way to protect yourself from this is by having the right legal representation. If facing fraud and theft charges, reach out to the lawyers at Ross Lutz Barristers.

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