Filing for divorce in Connecticut: Get an attorney!


No matter the circumstances, divorces are inherently complex. It is not just about ending a marriage but also about the life ahead. Your divorce in Connecticut will also impact your financials and social life. It is wise to consider counseling and all other options before initiating divorce proceedings. To simplify the legal battle, you may want to contact one of local divorce lawyers for advice. Below are vital aspects worth knowing about divorce in Connecticut. 

Connecticut allows for “no-fault” divorce

If you decide to go for a “no-fault” divorce, you don’t need to blame your spouse for marital misconduct. Just mentioning that your marriage is “irretrievably broken” is enough. You don’t need the approval of your spouse to get a divorce. The second ground for no-fault divorce in Connecticut is separation. If the spouses have lived separately for 18 months before initiating the proceedings, they can get a no-fault divorce. 

“Fault-based” Divorce in Connecticut

There are several fault grounds for divorce in Connecticut, including adultery, willful desertion, and fraudulent contract. Other grounds include absence from the marriage for seven years, cruelty, habitual intemperance, incurable mental illness, and imprisonment. A “fault-based” divorce can be more complicated and time-consuming. 

Why do you need a divorce lawyer?

Before you file for divorce, it is wise to evaluate all options. In Connecticut, two spouses cannot have the same attorney for their divorce due to conflict of interest. Even if you seem to be on agreeable terms with your spouse, a lawyer can offer objectivity and protect your rights and interests.

It would help if you had a divorce attorney because – 

  1. The legal process can be hard to understand
  2. Your spouse has already hired a lawyer
  3. You are unaware of your rights and interests
  4. You want advice for child custody & support
  5. You want to know more about spousal maintenance
  6. You and your spouse have significant assets & debts
  7. You need help with mediation

Even in a no-fault divorce, you are expected to take important decisions, and without an attorney, mistakes can be expensive. That said, hiring an attorney in Connecticut doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Most attorneys work on an hourly rate, and if there are limited issues and conflicts in your divorce, the costs are lower. 

Hiring an attorney for your divorce is a wise decision, not just for legal matters but also for your emotional wellbeing. Don’t let the divorce stress take over when an attorney can simplify the process. 

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