Three Important Things to Do when Charged with a DUI if you are Under 21


Getting behind the wheels can have you dealing with some issues. But, you can have more problems to deal with if you are under age, which means under 21 years old. A lot of states, including Tennessee, have zero-tolerance laws for underage drinkers and if you are underage, drive a vehicle and have any alcohol detected during a blood alcohol content test, you could face legal action.

A DUI is a serious offense and getting a DUI charge for being underage can result in consequences that can impact you for many years to come. But, a DUI attorney Ken Phillips can help you explore your options.

Read on to know what to do if you are charged with an underage DUI:

Call your Attorney Immediately

When charged with an underage DUI, you probably want to contact your parents immediately. But, while this can be a must, you need to prioritize your lawyer. In fact, even if you think you can deal with the situation on your own, trying to do is a big mistake. Remember that getting an underage DUI could lead to fines, probation, community service, license suspension, school suspension or expulsion, or jail time.

Document the Events

If you are being pulled over by an officer unreasonably, you may have a strong case. Because of this, you must document the event that leads up to the charge. Considering the high-stress environment, you may forget small, but important details which may later help your situation. These things can include things like where you were, the number of drinks you had, and the time that passed between your last drink and when you got arrested. But, you must remember things like the speed you were driving, how the officer interacted with you, whether or not the police office told you your Miranda Rights, and/or whether your car does not comply with the local laws like not having lights or missing license plates.

Go into the Trial Prepared

If you have been charged with an underage DUI, your case may go to trial. Your DUI attorney can help you in preparing to face a judge and understand the various outcomes you can face. But, even if you are working with your lawyer, you must educate yourself as much as possible so you don’t end up damaging your lawyer’s defense.

An experienced attorney is a critical component for any underage DUI case. Having a great lawyer by your side can help you get a favorable outcome.

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