5 Points to Remember In Pet Injury Cases


Does your neighbor own a ferocious dog? Has it attacked you or any of your loved ones? Injuries by animals such as pet dogs and cats can be serious. It is not just painful and distressing but may also lead to expensive medical bills. In fact, studies reveal that at least one in every five dog bite cases can take a dangerous turn that requires regular medical attention.

If you have been injured by another person’s pet, then you can claim your rights in the form of a dog bite lawsuit.  You can also file lawsuits for personal injury even if the dog has harmed you indirectly, such as by knocking you over or by chasing your motorbike.

Seek Medical Help

After any kind of pet-related injuries, your first priority must be seeking medical help. Dog bites can differ in terms of severity. While you can deal with traumatic incidents such as air bites or light snaps at home, it is important to see a doctor if the skin is punctured.

When there are multiple bites or flesh consumption, you may have to spend some time under strict medical observation in hospitals.

Document the Incident

As mentioned earlier, a dog bite can cause both physical as well as emotional pain.  Under such stress, it is easy for the small details to slip out of your mind. But it is these details that prove vital when you are fighting your case in court. That is why, as soon as you get the opportunity, note down every detail in writing.

This documentation will help you narrate the incident to your lawyer or in court later.

Conduct of the Owner

The conduct of the owner can also play a decisive role in the outcome of the case. While dog bites can be purely accidental, there are times when the owner behaves knowingly recklessly. In most neighborhoods, laws demand that ferocious pets should be strictly kept in chains. By letting their dogs roam free, the owners are flouting this law as well.

If you can prove that the owner has been reckless, it heightens your chances of winning the case.

Note Other Kinds of Losses

Apart from medical bills, dog bites can lead to other kinds of losses too. For instance, if the injury is too severe, it can lead to loss of livelihood. Or the emotional and mental agony caused by the incident may have been so great that you could not take part in normal life.  You must take these factors into account too when you are claiming your compensation.

Avail Legal Help

Filing a lawsuit may be easy. But leading it to victory is an entirely different story. Personal injury cases can easily take a complicated turn. Having a qualified lawyer by your side can offer you great relief in such times. They can guide you through the entire legal process and lead you to a victory with the highest amount of compensation.

Remember knowing your right is the first step towards claiming them!

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