How Should You Handle a Commercial Truck Accident?


Besides cars and motorcycles, there has been a notable increase in the number of commercial trucks and trailers on roads and highways lately. Police personnel on duty in different US states receive a considerable number of accident reports daily involving a commercial truck. Individuals who become victims of accidents, which involve a truck or trailer, sustain minor or severe injuries. Many even die on the spot right after a truck collision.

Aside from a terrible physical health condition, almost every truck accident victim suffers from mental trauma and other psychological issues. If you or someone you care about encounters a horrifying truck or trailer accident because of someone else’s negligence, it is paramount to consult an injury lawyer.

Highly qualified and experienced lawyers at a reputed personal injury law firm Los Angeles extend commendable legal support to truck accident victims. One such attorney can help you prove the at-fault party’s liability and obtain rightful compensation for damages, injuries, and anguish. Read on to find out more about the key steps to take after encountering a truck collision and sustaining injuries.

Collection of Substantial Evidence

Most victims cannot gather substantial evidence right after a commercial truck or trailer crash because of severe injuries and pain. However, evidence collection from the accident spot is essential. The prudent step is to contact a legal professional with years of experience handling truck accident cases if it isn’t possible for an accident victim to revisit the accident scene.

A specialized injury attorney will travel to the spot on your (a victim’s) behalf, identify and communicate with eyewitnesses, obtain the accident report’s copy from police, check your medical records, etc. A truck or trailer collision victim undergoes medical treatment without any worry when a trusted injury attorney is by their side.

Filing an Injury Claim

Only when you file an injury claim correctly and submit accident-relevant evidence along with it, your chances of driving the claim approval increase. Most truck crash victims are a layman when it comes to legal knowledge or precisely personal injury law. Therefore, almost everyone resorts to a professional injury lawyer who is well versed in injury law and knows the correct way to file a claim.

When you hire a reliable and compassionate legal professional, you will have enough peace of mind. To ensure that you receive fair compensation, nothing you need to do as your lawyer will take care of everything and act responsibly. A truck accident attorney will be by your side even when your insurance company speaks with you.

Deciding the Correct Value of Injuries & Damages

While filing your claim against the liable party and before reaching a settlement with insurance adjusters, it is vital to mention the correct value of your injuries and damages. Without sound knowledge, you may not be able to determine the actual value. Hence, you should hire an attorney specialized in injury law.

Because of many years of experience, a truck collision lawyer can help victims understand the correct value of damages, sufferings, and injuries. Once you obtain a clear idea of these things, you know what the value of your injury claim is and can confidently negotiate your settlement with an insurance company agent.

Keep all the vital things mentioned above and do the needful right away if you or a near and dear one of yours encounters a serious accident with a commercial truck or trailer.

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